Notice for Exhibitors

Exhibits Profile:

Auto Parts & Components: Engine System, Brake System, Auto-body, Chassis System, Air Conditioning System, Standard Mechanical Parts, Wearing Parts

Auto-Accessories & Customizing: Interior & Exterior Decorations, Automotive Beauty, Maintenance & Care, Safety Products, Refitting Accessories and Supplies, Auto-Maintenance Tools

Auto-Electronics: Vehicle Lighting, Intelligent Network Connection, Vehicle Electronics, New Energy System

Auto Parts Processing Technology and Equipment: Accessories Processing Equipment, New Material, 3D Printing, Industrial Robot, Mold & Supporting Equipment, Surface Treatment

New Energy and Lightweight: New Energy Vehicle Technology, Equipment and Components, Automotive Lightweight Materials, Craft, Technology and Equipment (New Energy and Automotive Lightweight Special Halls)

Others: Scientific Research Institutions, Social Group/Forging, Casting/Media/Maintenance and Testing Equipment, Oils

Exhibiting Instructions:

1.This exhibition is trade-oriented exhibition. No enterprises or individuals for retail purposes are allowed to participate in the exhibition.

Please confirm that your exhibits are within the scope of the exhibits of this exhibition, otherwise, we have the right to refuse your exhibits to be placed on the booth.

2. You can submit an exhibition application directly online - register for the exhibition, or you can contact us directly to confirm your exhibition requirements. Tel: +86-574-87254009.