Exhibiting Terms

The basic terms and contract details of the exhibition

1) The interpretation of the words in the terms

"Exhibition" refers to the  China Ningbo International Auto Parts and Aftermarket Fair  on display at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center.

"Organizer" means Ningbo Oriental Harbor International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

"Exhibitor" means any unit that has obtained a booth under the contract.

"Stand" means the venue assigned to the exhibitors and the booth sits on it.

"Exhibits" means exhibiting items on display at the exhibitor booth.

"Exhibition hall" means a showroom and a venue or room related to an exhibition.

"Designated Service Provider" means an individual or company engaged by the exhibition hall operator or organizer to build, assemble or otherwise work on a booth during the exhibition.

2) Exhibition floor plan and booth allocation

The exhibition floor plan is drawn by the organizers according to the structure of the pavilion. The exhibitor and the organizer signed the exhibition contract, to agree on the exhibition booth number, area, type, fees and payment methods.

If the Exhibitor fails to pay in accordance with the terms of the contract, the Sponsor reserves the right to refuse to extend or cancel the booth requirements stipulated in the contract.

All booth selectionwills will follow the principle of "pay first, choose first", but the sponsor has the right to divide the final booth allocation according to the exhibitor's product classification system.

The size and booth arrangement of the exhibition floor plan are precise and the organizer may, if necessary, make changes to the layout of the floor plan or booth at its sole discretion.

3) Show changes or cancellations

If the products displayed by the Exhibitor do not conform to the exhibits submitted under the contract, or if the exhibits are not within the scope of the exhibits specified by the organizers, and if the exhibitor engages in retail behavior at the exhibition site, the organizer shall have the right to cancel his booth and order the withdrawal of the exhibition site, and the exhibition fee shall not be refunded.

The Organizer has at any time reserved the right to cancel the exhibition, reduce the size of the exhibition, change the pavilion, divide the exhibition into one or more exhibitions, or combine multiple exhibitions into one exhibition, extend, shorten or reschedule the exhibition.

If the Exhibitor violates the obligations stipulated in this Contract, including but not limited to respect for the rights of the Sponsor, the contents and interests of the legal protection, the Sponsor shall have the right to revoke and the Exhibitor shall pay the Sponsor separately for the amount of breach of contract, such as the exhibitor fee.

If the Exhibitor fails to fulfill its obligation to the Organizer, or if he violates the relevant exhibiting terms of the exhibition venue, he will no longer have the right to exhibit, and the organizer shall have the right to terminate this contractual relationship unilaterally.

4) Exhibitor cancels contract or defaults

Exhibitors may not arbitrarily terminate or cancel any agreed booths and related services in this contract. Once the Exhibitor terminates or cancels the contract in advance, the Exhibitor:

a) If the Exhibitor notifies the Sponsor three months prior to the date of the commenced exhibition that the Exhibitor cancels the exhibition, the full fee paid for the application will not be refunded for any reason.

b) If the Exhibitor notifies the organizer of the cancellation within three months prior to the commencey date of the exhibition, the Exhibitor is responsible for paying the full cost of the exhibition.

5) Force Majeure

Sponsor shall not be liable for any breach, non-performance or delay in performance caused beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any natural disaster; Travel restrictions; any act of a governmental, civil or military authority; embargo, war, riot or civil unrest, shortage of materials (collectively, force majeure). In the above cases, the Exhibitor shall not be entitled to claim the right to cancel or cancel the contract, nor shall he make any other claim to the Sponsor, in particular the claim for damages.

6) Intellectual Property and Video Recording

Exhibitors warrant sedit on their exhibits, packaging and related publicly available materials without any infringement or violation of the rights and interests of third parties, including trademark rights, copyrights, designs, names, and registered or unregistered patents. Sponsor is not responsible for censorship of whether the product infringes the intellectual property rights of others. Disputes arising from intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor and are not related to the Sponsor.

If the Exhibitor's exhibits, printed documents, promotional materials or other articles have been infringed by other exhibitors, the Organizer shall have the right to remove or confiscate the infringing exhibits, printed documents and promotional materials from the exhibition.

Only individuals authorized by the Sponsor and with valid documents may photograph, photograph, sketch or video in the exhibition hall. In the event of a violation of the terms, the Sponsor may request that the recorded materialbe handed over and may take further legal action to prosecute it. At the same time, the Organizer has the right to have photographs, drawings, films and videos based on the exhibits exhibited at the exhibition and to use them in advertising or in general media publications.

7) Document ation requirements for exhibitors

During the exhibition, every 3 square meters booth will have a free exhibiting certificate, the application for the exhibition certificate must be 10 days before the start of the exhibition to submit the exhibitor information to the organizers, otherwise the organizers will charge a fee of 100 yuan per card. All exhibitor's documents are numbered and non-transferable and cannot be given or sold to third parties who are not authorized to exhibit.

8) Other provisions

Sponsor reserves the right to interpret, change and amend any part of these Terms and Conditions and to issue additional rules (including, but not limited to, the Exhibit manual issued by the Sponsor and the Pavilion Handbook issued by the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre) to ensure that the exhibition is conducted properly.

Exhibitors are not allowed to remove or remove booths or exhibits before the official end of the last day of the exhibition without special approval from the Organizer.

Any exhibitor may only distribute his or her promotional materials in his booth and shall not advertise, demonstrate or solicit business anywhere else in the exhibition venue. Exhibits and billboards shall not be placed outside their booths.

9) Relevant laws and provisions

This contract applies to the laws of the People's Republic of China.

The following terms will apply to exhibitors registered in China:

In the event of any dispute, dispute or request (generally referred to as "dispute") arising directly from this contract, or a dispute arising from the contents of this contract, or a dispute arising from the breach, termination or expiration of this contract, the parties to the contract shall engage in friendly negotiations at the first time in the dispute. If this cannot be resolved amicably, either party shall have the right to bring an action before a court with jurisdiction in the place of registration of the Sponsor.

The following terms will apply to exhibitors registered outside China: If there is a discrepancy between the English text and the Chinese of this provision, the Chinese text will be applied first.